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Welcome to FlyNome

A database of Drosophila nomenclature

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Welcome to FlyNome!

Here at FlyNome, you can find the answer to that burning question: How exactly did they come up with the name for that gene? If you'd like to know the story behind a Drosophila gene name, this is the place for you. Simply type in the gene name above, or go to the search page.

If the story for a gene in which you're interested isn't in our database, you can ask someone to add it. Go to the request page where you can send an email request to an author of a paper referencing the gene. Once that person has entered the information in the FlyNome database, you'll be able to find the answer to why the gene is named as it is!

While you're here, why don't you go to the entry page? We're sure there is at least one gene whose story you know that isn't in our database yet. Or maybe you can add some embellishment to a story that's already here. This resource is dependent upon you, so make some entries now!